Ballroom Challenge on Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on July 24, 2013

slimerOne of the bonus rounds on this slot features a haunted ballroom and you are presented with the challenge of the clearing of all ghosts and ghouls. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the movie starring Dan Akroyd, where he and his friends become Ghostbusters available for hire to clear any buildings of ghostly characters. Having said that, your challenge, in fitting with the theme, is to clear six ghosts out of the ballroom, earning payment for any ghost cleared. Now this is no easy task as they are spirited characters and so the Ghostbusters slot allows you five attempts to clear the ballroom fully, during which time though, you receive multipliers of between X2 and X5 for each ghoul banished.

Stay-Puft is another ghostly character that you are going to meet on the Ghostbusters Slot. He is a giant marshmallow man and on the second of the bonus rounds available on the Ghostbusters Slot he brings some of his marshmallow friends to help you earn some winnings. On this bonus round you will be awarded 8 free spins but between each spin the marshmallows appear on the reels to change symbols into extra wilds, which stay as such until the end of the round.

This second bonus round affords you a lot of wilds especially considering that the Ghostbusters Slot already starts off with two, ‘slimer’ and the ‘old lady ghost’.

Ghostbusters Slot
The Ghostbusters Slot then, is an exciting game which offers plenty of winning opportunities. These winning opportunities are available on 30 pay lines on regular play and when you play the marshmallow bonus round an extra 10 are added, making a total of 40 pay lines with an untold number of wilds on the reels.

Playing around with ghosts and ghouls can of course get scary but Dan is there, on the sound track, keeping the action on the lighter side by cracking witty one liner’s whilst you go about your Ghostbusters business.

In all, the wins are there, the fun is there and so to complete the whole experience by adding to the entertainment value, the Ghostbusters Slot shows video clips from the movie whilst the game is in play.