Dan Akroyd Provides the Wit on these Slots

Posted on May 17, 2014

GhostbustersDan Akroyd was one of the original actors in the Ghostbuster movies released in the 80s and now on which these slots are themed. When you play Ghostbusters slots Dan can be heard narrating his one line humour to keep a lighter side to the exciting action otherwise provided. Most of the characters are present on these machines, both the human heroes and their ghostly quarry which include slimmer and the little old lady ghost whose symbols are the wilds. These heroes and ghouls can come together to form a myriad of winning combinations, helped of course, by the two wild symbols that can substitute for almost all of the other symbols. To assist you further in hopefully winning, there are two exciting bonus rounds that can be triggered, one featuring marshmallows and the other a haunted ballroom.

In the bonus round that features marshmallows, you will meet Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow and his fiery marshmallow friends. These squashy characters are on the bonus round to try and help by going on to the reels between the 8 free spins that you are awarded and turning some of the regular symbols into wilds. With there being two wilds to start with and then the marshmallows adding more after every spin, the wins in this round should come fast and furious.

In the haunted ballroom bonus round, you are shown a ballroom that is haunted by 6 ghosts and you have been asked to clear it, using your proton pack. This is no easy task as these characters are extremely slippery fellows but you will at least be rewarded for each of them that you can force out of the room. Getting all of them though, despite the incentives is going to be hard and the producers of these slot machines knew it and so they allowed for five attempts to be made in order to completely clear the room of all the ghosts and ghouls.

The fun and excitement provided by these slot machines have made them a firm favourite with both fans of the movie and the slot enthusiasts alike.

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