Don’t be Afraid of Ghostbuster Slot!

Posted on April 10, 2015

Although this slot machine features ghosts and ghouls, they are only the same ones as in the movie from the 80s and so cannot really hurt you; in fact, they could even make you wealthy. The Ghostbuster Slot is based on the 80s film which became a tremendous hit worldwide. Although some of the ghosts featured on the symbols and in the bonus rounds will not help you at all, others will such as the old lady ghost and slimer who are wilds.

On this slot machine there are two bonus rounds, both of which are unique and potentially high paying. The first of the bonus rounds is the Stay-Puft round and during the playing of the round, Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow is there with some of his fiery marshmallow friends to assist you in winning. The round itself consists of just 8 free spins but between each spin, Stay-Puft’s friends enter the reels to recruit extra wilds to join the two which are already on the reels. This means that by the end of the 8th spin, there are several wilds to assist you in winning.

The second of the bonus rounds is the Haunted ballroom round. In this round you become the ghostbuster and arm yourself with a proton pack. The ballroom is haunted by 6 ghosts and your mission is to expel them all. These ghosts are slippery characters and so your task is no easy one but, you will receive a win for each of the ghosts you do successfully evict. Obviously though, the big win is in being able to successfully evict all 6 of the ghosts, in order to give you a better chance of complete success, you will be permitted 5 attempts.

As the movie which this slot is based on was a comedy, there are not really any scares involved, unless of course you are scared at how much you can win on these very generous bonus rounds. Or of course during the regular play where there are two, not just one, wild symbols on the reels.

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