Don’t be Afraid to Play Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on March 23, 2013

In case you may have forgotten, the movie Ghostbusters converted scary into comedy, an experience that is shared when you play Ghostbusters slot. All the main characters, plus the ghosts and ghouls are revealed as you play Ghostbusters slot returning you to the lighter times of the 80’s.

This combines the scary, comedy and the excitement of a 5 reel, 30 pay line slots, to bring you a nostalgic, entertaining and rewarding experience.

The Game
This is one of the few games that bring you actual movie footage and soundtracks from a real movie right to the reels. This added experience really brings home the nostalgia and transfers you to a world of magical comedy.

Like most games of slots, the excitement is always there but only reaches a crescendo during the bonus feature. This is just one more reason why this game is becoming so popular: It has two bonus feature rounds, each as exciting as any that you may have experienced with other slots.

Bonus Rounds
The first of the bonus rounds affords you five free spins. You win bigger on these free spins if you can find any of the six ghosts hiding in the featured ballroom. Of course, if in the five free spins you can find all the six ghosts, then your payout will be higher.

Not to be left out, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, brings himself to the fore in the second of the bonus games. This time you are afforded eight free spins to make as much money as you can. Stay-Puft is there to help you though, he will randomly appear after every spin and any character that he lands on will be transformed into a “wild” for the rest of the bonus spins, giving you not only the opportunity for more wins but also the chance of getting bigger wins.

This novel way of bringing the nostalgia of the 80’s to an exciting game is a possible act of brilliance by this games producers and one that is shared with you when you play Ghostbusters slot.