Don’t be Scared to Play Ghostbusters Slots

Posted on September 19, 2013

SkyAlthough these slots are full of ghosts and ghouls don’t worry, they are more humorous than scary. The Ghostbusters slot is themed on the popular 80s movie Ghostbusters and as you probably remember, it was more of a comedy than a horror, so when you play Ghostbusters slots you will see that they are in the same vein. So much so in fact, that Dan Akroyd an actor from the movie is on the soundtrack of the game telling jokes.

Although they aren’t particularly scary, there are ghouls and ghosts featured as symbols on the reels of the machine, along with some of the more human characters from the movie. These symbols can come together to make winning combinations and when you play Ghostbusters Slots you are allowed to bet on as many as 30 winning lines, enabling the wins to come more often. Plus of course there are bonus round.

Bonus Rounds
The first of the two bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters slots takes you to a haunted ballroom. This ballroom has six ghosts in it and you have to try and clear them all. However if you don’t succeed in clearing them all, you will still receive wins for any one of them that you can. These ghouls are slippery characters though and so you are allowed five attempts to clear them all.

The second bonus round features a strange character, Stay-puft a giant marshmallow. Stay-Puft brings some of his fiery marshmallow friends to this unusual game. The round itself consists of 8 free spins but between each spin, Stay-puft’s friends show up on the reels to change some of the regular symbols into wilds, making the wins come far more frequently.

When you play Ghostbusters slots you will find them both exciting and humorous, yet packing plenty of winning opportunities on the 30 offered pay lines. The enjoyment isn’t limited to the playing of the game though; whilst you play the game, video clips from the movie are shown in order to positively heighten your experience.

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