Enjoy a Laugh and Excitement on Ghostbuster Slots

Posted on September 04, 2013

Ghostbusters 2These are one set of slot machines that can provide a laugh along with excitement to really afford you a fully entertaining experience. The comedy actor Dan Akroyd provides a talk over on the soundtrack of the Ghostbusters slots and as usual is witty and injects humor to the proceedings by uttering one liners that, although will make you laugh, hopefully won’t make you loose concentration of the fast moving, exciting action on the reels. The Ghostbuster slots are based on the highly popular movie from the 80’s in which Dan Akroyd starred along with a couple of his buddies, hence his presence on the soundtrack. Dan and his friends are featured as symbols on the reels of the slot along with some of the more ghoulish characters that they had to try and exterminate.

Ghostbuster Slots
The Ghostbuster slots certainly seem to be in need of some Ghostbuster treatment as they appear to be haunted. For no reason at all a little lady ghost can appear and place extra wilds on the reels or slime can appear on 1 to 3 reels turning all the symbols on those reels to wilds. There are also wins that can ghostly appear randomly to award you between 50 and 100 times your wager.

Not depending on the ghostly antics that happen to allow you a winning experience, the Ghostbuster slots have two potentially profitable bonus rounds that you can enjoy but once again they involve some ghostly characters.

Bonus Rounds
The first of the bonus rounds on Ghostbuster slots involves Stay-Puft a giant Marshmallow Man. Whilst you are enjoying 8 free spins this giant will interfere by sending some of his marshmallow friends onto the reels between spins but thankfully they only add wilds to the reels.

The second of the Ghostbuster slots bonus rounds requires you to clear a ballroom that is haunted. There are six ghosts in the ballroom and although you are required to clear all of them, you will be given a win for each one you successfully evict. Not wanting you to fail, the Ghostbuster slots allow you five attempts to fully evict these ghostly squatters.

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