Enjoy the Humour on these Slots

Posted on December 13, 2014

GhostbustersOn these slots, which are based on the hit comedy movie from the 80s, you can enjoy some of that humour by listening to Dan Akroyd, an actor from the movie, who can be heard passing some witty remarks on the sound track. When you play Ghostbusters slots, it is symbols of the characters from the movie that make up the symbols used on the reels. Of these symbols, two of them are wilds, the little old lady ghost and Slimer. With 2 wilds on the reels instead of the usual single one, the wins may come more regular on these slots, than they do on others.

Despite there being 2 wilds on the reels, there is also 2 bonus rounds which have great potential for providing wins. In the first of these bonus rounds you are allotted 8 free spins. With 8 free spins and 2 wilds on the reels, you have a good chance of earning some wins but these chances are improved still further by some fiery marshmallow friends of Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man. Between every free spin, the fiery marshmallows enter on to the reels and turn some regular symbols into wilds, giving you more and more chances of winning as the round progresses.

In the other bonus round you are confronted with a ballroom which people say has 6 ghosts inside haunting it. You are required to strap on your proton pack and attempt to zap each of the 6 ghosts with plasma, convincing them to leave the ballroom. For each ghost you succeed in convincing to leave, you will receive a win but it is no easy task and is doubtful that you will succeed in moving all of them, not on your first attempt anyway. For that reason, you are permitted 5 attempts to rid the ballroom of the ghosts completely.

Although these slots feature a lot of ghostly characters, with the potential to win so much on them, you should go home with a smile on your face, just as the audience did after watching the movie.

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