Fiery Marshmallows Help on these Slots

Posted on July 16, 2014

stay puftPerhaps surprisingly, it is fiery marshmallows that can assist you in winning more on these slot machines. The Ghostbusters slots have two bonus rounds and it is in one of these that fiery marshmallows, led by their friend Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man, appear and assist you in winning. These slots are themed on the hit movie from the 1980s and so don’t be surprised at anything that appears or happens whilst you play them. All the characters from the movie make appearances as symbols on the reels and one of the lead actors from the movie even gives a voice over during the game, sharing some of his witty anecdotes.

Although the game is all about fun with its spoof theme, the wins that can be earned are very serious and to help you get some of the wins, there are two bonus rounds. It is in the first of these bonus rounds that the fiery marshmallows assist you. You are awarded 8 free spins for the round and you will already have two wild symbols on the reels which are Slimer and the little lady ghost symbols but between each of these free spins, Stay-Puft watches as the fiery marshmallows penetrate the reels to make even more symbols wilds. Starting the round with two wilds and then having that number increase with each spin, means that you have very good potential for finishing this round with a great number of wins under your belt.

In the second bonus round, you become one of the Ghostbusters team and have to don your full, plasma charged, proton pack in order to evict 6 ghoulish characters from a haunted ballroom. In this round you will be awarded a win for any ghost that you evict but the object of the round is to evict them all and as this is no easy task, you will be permitted 5 attempts to try and fully succeed in the task.

It isn’t only in the bonus rounds that you can win though; there are also 4 special features during normal play, one of which can randomly award you a win that is between 50 and 1,000 times your bet amount.

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