Get Haunted when you Play Ghostbusters Slots

Posted on May 24, 2013

stay puftGhostbuster slots are based on the 1980’s movie Ghostbusters. This movie was a tremendous hit when it was released, creating something of a pop culture surrounding it. In an effort to replicate this popularity these slots try to create something of the atmosphere exuded by the movie and so when you play Ghostbusters slots and reach one of the bonus rounds, you find yourself in a haunted ballroom. In this ballroom there are six ghouls and your task, armed with your proton pack, is to zap these ghouls. The ghouls though are ghostly characters and as such can be a little slippery and you just have five tries in which to get them all. Don’t worry though, you will receive wins for any that you do get, it is just that the big win will come with getting them all.

One of the popular ghouls from the movie was Stay-Puft. Stay-Puft is a giant Marshmallow Man and when you play Ghostbuster slots and reach the second bonus round, he will feature strongly in it. This second bonus round awards you eight free spins in which to win as much as you can. Although eight free spins gives you a good chance of racking up some wins, Stay-Puft thinks your chances of getting wins should be better. In order to help your odds, Stay-Puft and some of his flaming marshmallow friends, appear on the reels between spins and create more wilds, increasing your winning chances with every spin.

Ghostbuster Slots
When you play Ghostbuster slots it is not only during the bonus rounds that you can feel nostalgia of the 80’s. The whole of the slots are embellished by features of the movie. The 5 reels on the slots are saturated with either characters or memorabilia connected to the movie, by way of the symbols on the reels. Also, for the whole of the time that you are playing the game, video clips from the movie are also being played, filling all your senses with a feeling of the 80’s and just to ram it home, when you play Ghostbusters slots Dan Akroyd is featured on the sound track quipping some of his comical one line gems.