Get Some Ghostbusters Slots Spooky Wins

Posted on November 18, 2013

Virgin GamesIf the amount of winnings you can make on these slot machines doesn’t scare you, perhaps the ways you win may, in a funny kind of way. The Ghostbusters slots are themed on the popular movie from the 90s and to help you stay in the mood with which the movie intended, Dan Akroyd, one of the stars from the movie, shares with you on the soundtrack, some funny witticisms from the movie. Also to ensure that you don’t lose track of that mood, clips from the movie are shown whilst you play the game.

Everything about the Ghostbusters Slots has something to do with the movie and so the symbols on the reels are of characters from the movie, both the ghost hunters and the ghosts that they hunt. These symbols come together to sometimes make winning combinations or even combinations that lead to the triggering of a bonus round.

Bonus Rounds
The Ghostbusters Slots have two bonus rounds and both, of course, feature ghostly characters. In the first of the bonus rounds, you are shown a haunted ball room and asked to clear it of the six resident ghosts. As this is no easy task the Ghostbusters slots allow you five attempts to clear out all the ghosts. Regardless of whether or not you are successful in completing the task, Ghostbusters Slots awards you a win for each of the ghosts that you do succeed in banishing.

The second of the bonus rounds introduces you to Stay-Puft a giant marshmallow man who has some friends with him. This round gives you eight free spins but between each of the spins, fiery marshmallows, the friends of Stay-Puft, go onto the reels and add extra wild symbols which, of course makes the wins easier for you to get.

Extra Help
Not all the ghosts or ghouls on Ghostbusters Slots are bad and two of them; slimmer and the creepy old lady, want to help you and so they appear at any time during play, even during the bonus round and when they do appear, they give you extra benefits like multipliers, free spins or simply cash wins.

Grab a great bonus at Virgin Games and play Ghostbusters slot!