Get your Reels Slimed on these Slots

Posted on August 15, 2014

GhostbustersOne of the 4 special features on these slot machines sees up to 3 of the reels being slimed, which turns all the symbols on the reels into wilds. When you play Ghostbusters slots, the other 3 of these special features that seem to mysteriously just appear randomly, can earn you multipliers, up to 4 extra wilds or can even award you a cash bonus which is worth up to 1,000 times your bet. These special features are besides 2 separate bonus rounds that can be triggered. Although these slots have 4 special features and 2 bonus rounds, they still have 2 wild symbols on their reels, Slimer and the little old lady ghost and so the wins are regular and some of them can also be impressive.

The slots themselves are themed on the moxie from the 1980s and so reflect the ghostly characters and the heroes on the reels as symbols, which come together to form some wins but the wins will probably mainly come from the 2 bonus rounds which also follow the same theme.

In the first of these bonus rounds Stay Puft, the giant marshmallow man brings along some of his friends to help with the 8 free spins that you are awarded. Stay-Puft’s friends are fiery marshmallows and between each of these 8 free spins, they invade the reels and change some of the symbols into wilds which means, each successive free spin has more wilds on the reels than its predecessor, allowing you to also increase the number of wins that you get.

The second of the bonus rounds features a haunted ballroom and you are the one that has been selected to rid the ballroom of the 6 ghoulish characters that are haunting it. Armed only with your proton pack filled with plasma, you have to try and hit all the ghosts in order to evict them. You will receive an individual win for each one you hit but evicting them all will bring the biggest reward. As getting all of them is recognised as not being easy, you get to 5 attempts to do it.

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