Ghostbusters III to come?

Posted on May 03, 2013

ghostbustersIt’s been 24 years since the last Ghostbuster film was released, but it seems like the launch of the video games and the incredible Ghostbusters slots wasn’t all that Dan Aykroyd planned to launch this decade. It seems that the script is already being prepped for Ghostbusters 3, and rumours are rife as to what the plot would be. Although nothing has been confirmed, hints that it may play on the Higgs Boson have been subtly dropped about something horrible coming into our world through it.

What is important to note, is that this has not been a recent idea to re-launch the film series. Unlike the video games and Ghostbusters Slots, this has been in ‘creative hell’ for the past decade (NME reports), and it has been knocked back by Sony yet again recently to the point where Etan Cohen, the writer for the Men in Black 3 film, has apparently been drafted in to help.

There was also concern when Bill Murray ruled himself out of a comeback some time ago, meaning that there would be a scramble to try and find a suitable replacement, however it seems that the tide has turned once again and Murray has ruled himself back in … phew!

Over here though, we have welcomed the news that the new Ghostbusters III script may finally be on the right path. We’ve patiently waited in hope for any sign that a new Ghostbusters Slot may be coming to the market, and although this would be some time away, it nevertheless shows promise that we may have a reason to hit the slots again! (Okay … it’s not like we don’t play them already, it would be nice to just have a reason other than – because the slot is cool).

In the meantime, while we eagerly await the next film – partly because we love the series and partly because we want to see just what Aykroyd meant about the Higgs Boson stuff, we’ll just bide our time on our favourite slot. Remember, if you haven’t yet checked out the Ghostbusters slots … there’s a selection of our featured partners at the top of the site who have some great bonuses ready to give away. Just pick your favourite (or favourites) and register away … then navigate through to the slots section and there you are.

Remember to come back and check us out again for more information on the Ghostbusters III film and more slot related news.