Ghostbusters Slot a Game with Ghouls

Posted on October 09, 2013

Ghostbusters 2On this slot machine there are certainly enough ghouls and ghosts to keep any ghost watcher happy. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the popular movie Ghostbusters and as such, is as much about funny as it is scary. To ensure that this slot has its share of humor, Dan Akroyd, one of the main actors from the movie, adds some witty comments onto the soundtrack.

The potential to win on Ghostbusters slot means that you will certainly have more than a ghost’s chance of winning. In order to try and ensure that you do have a profitable time, the Ghostbusters slot offers two unique yet exciting bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
In the first of the bonus rounds, you are introduced to a haunted ballroom. It is said that the ballroom has 6 ghostly creatures infesting it and it is your job to clear them all out. Even though you will be paid for any ghost that you do manage to expel, regardless of whether or not you clear them all them all, the Ghostbusters slot producers realize that it is perhaps a little difficult to expel them all in one go and so they allow you five chances in which to succeed.

The second of the bonus rounds introduces you to Stay-puft the giant marshmallow man, who is on this bonus round along with some of his burning marshmallow friends. The round consists of 8 free spins but between each of these free spins, Stay-puft sends his friends onto the reels to change some of the regular symbols into wilds. This means that as you progress through this bonus round on Ghostbusters slot, your chances of winning become far higher with every spin.

Other Features
In addition to the two bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters slot there are also other aids to assist you in winning. Firstly, unusual for a slot machine, there are two wild symbols, slimmer and a creepy old lady, plus there are randomly awarded extra like free spins, multipliers and extra wilds.

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