Ghostbusters Slot has all Kinds of Ghouls

Posted on December 18, 2013

slimerAlthough this slot machine features many different ghosts and ghouls, it is more a fun game than a frightening one. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the popular Ghostbusters movies from the 90s and like the movies it is all about fun and comedy as well as excitement and suspense.

In compliance with the theme, the symbols feature both the heroes from the movie and also some of the ghoulish characters. These symbols can come together to make some incredible wins for you but they can also come together in combinations that lead you to bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
There are two bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters Slot and both of them feature some unusual ghosts. The first of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters Slot, involves you in trying to clear a haunted ballroom of six ghosts that have taken up residency there. Although you receive a win for any of the ghosts that you can evict, it is hard to rid the ballroom of all the ghosts in just one attempt. The Ghostbusters Slot appreciates this and so allows you five attempts to try and complete the task.

On Ghostbusters Slot, the second bonus round features the amazing Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man and some of his fiery marshmallow friends. Although this round only has eight free spins, the fiery marshmallow friends of Stay-Puft appear on the reels between each spin and change some of the symbols on the reels to wilds, making the wins increasingly easier to attain.

Extra Features
Apart from having an abundance of wins available from the regular play and two bonus rounds, the Ghostbusters Slot also has another feature that can help your experience to be a winning one. This feature consists of yet two more creepy characters, slimmer and a creepy old lady. These two ghouls may appear at any time and award you one of four different benefits; adding extra wilds, turning whole reels into wilds, apply multipliers or even give winnings of between 50 and 1,000 times your coin amount.

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