Ghostbusters Slot Helps you Re-Live the 80s

Posted on May 17, 2013

ghostbustersEver since the start of Hollywood, movies have played an important part in peoples lives. Many people can remember seeing a movie in their past and a smile comes on their face, either remembering the movie or because they remember the person or persons that they saw that movie with. Occasionally there is one movie that stands out from the others and is remembered by almost a whole generation. When you play Ghostbusters slot, you can’t help but remember one such movie. In the 80’s the Ghostbusters movies were big hits and will be remembered by almost the whole generation as comical, witty and an all round piece of ghoulish fun.

When you play Ghostbusters slots, which is based on the movie, you not only find yourself getting nostalgic of the 80’s but you will also be becoming a part of a next generation that will be remembering these ghostly antics.

Ghostbusters Slot
As you would probably expect from a slot that is based on a movie, the symbols on the reels are all in some way related to the movie, keeping the movie theme fresh in your head. On top of that, clips from the movie are also being shown as you play the game. So when you play Ghostbusters slots, you are fully immersed in the atmosphere of the movie.

The game itself, a 5 reel slot, is exciting and suspense is added by you knowing that there are two bonus rounds that you could earn a chance to play. Your experience will tell you that it is usually on bonus rounds of slots that you can win the most and when you play Ghostbusters slots; that too, is the case.

Bonus Rounds
In the first of the bonus rounds, you find yourself in a haunted ballroom that has 6 ghoulish characters inside. Your task is to find them and zap them all. When you play Ghostbusters slots and reach this round, you will find that zapping the ghouls isn’t too hard but you only have 5 tries to get them all. If you are able to zap one or more, obviously you will be rewarded but the big win comes from getting all.

The second bonus round when you play Ghostbusters Slots features Stay-Puft the Marshmallow Man and in this round of 8 free spins, he or his marshmallow friends can appear and give you extra wilds, thereby greatly improving you chances of scoring a big win.