Ghostbusters Slots have Ghoulish Fun

Posted on February 16, 2014

slimerThese slot machines offer you the chance to be a Ghostbusters and rid buildings of ghoulish characters in a fun way. One of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters slots requires that, as a Ghostbusters, you clear a haunted ballroom of six ghostly, ghoulish characters. Even though you will be paid for any of the ghosts that you are able to clear, obviously the object of the round is to clear all the ghosts from the ballroom. Dealing with these ghouls is a slippery business and not too easy and so you will be allowed up to five attempts to successfully fulfill the complete task.

These slot machines are based on the hugely popular movie that came out in the 80’s and has, as symbols on their reels, some of the characters from the movie, both the heroes and the villains. Even on the sound track, Dan Akroyd, one of the stars of the movie, can be heard giving a witty commentary to some of the action.

Stay-Puft is a giant marshmallow man and he gives an appearance in a second bonus round on these machines. With him he brings some of his fiery marshmallow friends and between them they try an assist you in winning extra credits. In these second bonus rounds, you receive 8 free spins but between each spin, Stay-puft’s friends can be seen on the reels adding extra wild symbols and that certainly will give you a far higher winning potential.

Extra Features
It isn’t just Stay-Puft and his friends that try to help you though; there are also four special features that can be of help. One of these special features has an old lady ghost who randomly adds 1 to 4 wilds to the reels. Another of the features sees between 1 and 3 reels being slimed and turning all the symbols on those reels to wilds. A third special feature can randomly award you from 50 to even 1,000 times your bet amount and the final special feature can award you a random multiplier. With all these bonus rounds and special features, you certainly have more than a ghost of a chance to win.

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