Ghostbusters Slots have Two Wilds

Posted on April 17, 2014

stay puft bonus 3On slot machines wild symbols are symbols that can replace almost any of the other symbols in order to assist a player in achieving wins. Although most slot machines will have one wild on their reels, the Ghostbusters slots have two. This obviously means that on these slots, the wins are probably easier to get than on other slot machines. All the symbols on the reels of these slots are in some way related to the 1980’s movie Ghostbusters on which the machines are themed and the wild symbols are of a slimmer and an old lady ghost. Apart from ghostly characters as symbols, some of them are also of the heroes from the movie and one of the actors, who played one of those heroes, is Dan Akroyd and he can be heard on the soundtrack of these slots, adding some witty advice to the players.

Special Features
During the regular play of these slots, apart from there being two wilds, there are four other special features that could help you to win. One of the features is that you could randomly be awarded multipliers and another is that one to three of the reels could be ‘slimed’ making all the symbols on those reels, wilds. Another special feature is that you could again, randomly, be awarded extra wilds on the reels but perhaps the best of the special features is the one that randomly awards you 50 to 1,000 times your bet amount.

Bonus Rounds
These slot machines also feature two exciting bonus rounds. In the first of these bonus rounds, armed only with a proton gun, you are asked to clear a haunted ballroom of 6 ghostly characters. Although you will receive a win for each ghost that you can clear from the ballroom, the objective is to get them all out which is no easy task. As this is obviously no easy task though, you are allowed five attempts to fully complete the job.

Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man and his friends are featured on the second bonus round of 8 free spins. Stay-Puft’s friends appear on the reels between the free spins in this round, to turn symbols into wilds and further help your chances of winning.

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