Ghostly Wins on this Slot

Posted on January 22, 2015

slimerWhen you win on this slot machine, it is in a ghostly fashion with ghosts and ghouls either helping or hindering you. The Ghostbusters slot is themed on the movies from the 80s and so the ghosts are more comical than scary and just to remind you that this is a light hearted game, Dan Akroyd, who played one of the characters in the movie, contributes a witty talk over on the sound track.

The symbols on the reels are either of the heroes from the movie or of some of the ghostly characters but they can come together to give you some pretty scary wins. Among the most popular wins that you can receive, is the entrance to one of the two bonus rounds. The Stay-Puft bonus round features Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man who has brought some of his fiery marshmallow friends along to try and assist you in building up your wins. The bonus round starts by you getting 8 free spins and during these free spins the two wild symbols from regular play are still on the reels, the old lady ghost and slimmer. However, the fiery marshmallows invade the reels after each of these free spins and recruit other symbols into becoming wilds. This means that the number of wild symbols on the reels keeps increasing with every spin which, of course, makes the wins easier to obtain.

The other bonus round involves you having to put on your proton pack and be prepared to zap some ghosts. Once you have triggered this bonus round, you are shown to a haunted ball room where there are 6 ghosts that have started squatting in it and it is you that has to evict them. Now ghosts and ghouls can be tricky characters at the best of times but they are even more so when threatened with eviction but you must try and do your best, fortunately, as they are so tricky and slippery, you will be allowed 5 attempts to evict them all. Whether you succeed or not, you will still receive a win for each eviction.

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