Ghosts can Help or Hinder you on these Slots

Posted on February 21, 2015

moneygamingThese slot machines are themed on the funny and popular series of movies from the 80s and so many of the characters from the movie, good and bad, are on the reels as symbols. Although ghosts are usually thought of as being bad, on the Ghostbusters slots they can sometimes be good, like the little old lady ghost and slimmer who, as symbols, are wilds and so therefore can help you to realize some wins. Sometimes in the rest of the game they can be bad, like when some of them haunt a room in one of the bonus rounds but in the other bonus round, some very weird characters are once again there to assist you.

The bonus round in which the ghosts are bad is the haunted ball room round as here 6 of them have decided to haunt a ball room and unfortunately, it is you that has been selected to evict them. Once you trigger this bonus round then, you will have to don a proton pack and by zapping them with electro-plasma, try and evict them. They are not going to sit quietly and be zapped though and so it may take all 5 of the attempts that are permitted, in which to fulfil the task. If you are effective with the plasma, you could earn some good winnings in this round as you will receive a win every time you zap a ghost.

The other bonus round features the weird characters of Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man and some of his fiery marshmallow friends and although these characters may seem weird, they are there to help as, between each of the 8 free spins that you are awarded for the round, Stay-Puft sends his friends onto the reels to convert regular symbols into wilds which means the number of wilds on the reels, increases with each of the 8 spins.

Even if you don’t like ghosts, by the time you have finished playing these slots, you may like them, at least a little but the wins they can potentially afford you, may be a little scary.

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