Ghoulish Help on Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on April 04, 2013

stay puftStay-Puft Marshmallow Man can come to your assistance on one of the bonus rounds on this ghoulish game. Stay-Puft is just one of the characters on Ghostbusters slot that takes its theme from the 1980’s pop culture classic comedy Ghostbusters. Both the original and the following sequels were very popular at the time and today the slot machine featuring the characters from the movie, are rapidly matching that popularity.

In one of the two bonus rounds available on Ghostbusters slot consists of 8 free spins and between spins, Stay-Puft will appear to give you some help.

Between each of the free spins on this bonus round Stay-Puft will randomly appear changing any character that he touches into a “wild”. As Ghostbusters slot is no different from others in respect to wilds, this means that as the amount of characters that are wild grows; so do your chances of winning big. Stay-Puft is just one of the comical ghouls you will be glad to see during this exciting and somewhat nostalgic game.

Added Bonus
Perhaps one of the features that makes Ghostbusters slot so popular, apart from the theme, is the fact that it does not only have one bonus round but two.

In the second bonus round you are transported to a haunted ballroom that contains six ghosts. The object of the round is to find all six of these ghouls. If you find just one, of course you will be rewarded and the more you find the more you will be rewarded but the object of the round is to find all six and so by doing that, then that is the way to get the highest reward. Perhaps you may think that easy but remember, you only have 5 spins in order to find all 6 ghouls.

Keeping in Character
To help you feel the mood of this comedy classic, in an almost unique and innovative style, clips from the movie are sporadically played, including some of with soundtracks of the little one line jokes that the movie is known for.

It is in this way; the combination of humor and excitement that makes Ghostbusters slot one of the most popular slot machines available today.