Have No Fear when Playing this Slot!

Posted on April 10, 2015

Although the name of these slot machines may seem a little scary, as they are themed on the movie from the 80s, they are more comical than scary unless you are scared of how much you may win of course. When you play Ghostbuster Slots you will recognize some of the ghostly characters from the movie and you will definitely recognize the voice of Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, as he jokes and talks you through the play, perhaps even talking you through the two exciting bonus rounds. The two bonus rounds on these slots are called the Stay-Puft round and the haunted Ballroom round and either of them have the potential to be very high paying, if played right.

In the Stay-Puft bonus round, you are awarded 8 free spins which start with the two wilds, the old lady ghost and slimer which were on the reels from the regular play where they already would have assisted you in winning but, as the round progresses you get more wild symbols joining them. Between each of these free spins, Stay-Puft, the giant marshmallow man, sends some of his fiery marshmallow friends onto the reels to enlist extra wild symbols, increasing your chances of winning.

The second bonus round, the Haunted Ballroom round, is a completely different round and has you playing the role of a ghostbuster and arming yourself with a gun that shoots out plasma from your proton pack. 6 ghosts haunt the ballroom and they don’t want to leave so your job is to blast them with plasma to convince them they should. Although you will receive a win every time you zap one of these ghosts, unless you evict all 6, they will just keep returning and so you must evict all of them to win a bonus. This is no easy task as they are all very slimy characters that don’t want to leave. However, fortunately for you, the difficulty of the task has been realized and so you will be allowed 5 attempts in all, to evict all 6 ghosts.

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