Listen to Dan Akroyd on this Slot

Posted on July 01, 2014

ghostbustersThis slot machine is themed on the Hollywood box office hit of the 1980s and so one of the actors from the movie, Dan Akroyd shares some of his humour on its sound track. The other characters from the movie also appear on Ghostbusters slot but only as symbols on the reels and in the clips of the movie which are shown as the game is in play. As well as the heroes showing as symbols on the reels, so do many of the ghostly characters as well and among these are Slimer and the little old lady ghost, both of which are wild symbols and so can assist you in getting wins. On this slot machine there are two exciting bonus rounds which also stick to the theme and feature a giant marshmallow man in one and a haunted ballroom in the other.

Stay-Puft is the giant marshmallow man that appears in the first of the bonus rounds and he is accompanied by some of his fiery marshmallow friends. They make an appearance in this bonus round to help you try and make the most of the 8 free spins that you are awarded in the round. They are able to do this by penetrating the reels between spins and turning what were regular symbols, into wilds increasing the number of wilds from the two that were already there and greatly increasing your chances to win with every spin.

In the second of the bonus rounds which features the haunted ballroom, you are tasked with the job of evicting the six ghostly characters that are said to be doing the haunting. In order to do this you must fill your proton pack with plasma and try and zap each of them. You will of course receive a win for each one you successfully evict but it is no easy task as these ghoulish characters are quite slick. The difficulty of this task has been realized though and so in order for you to have a reasonable chance of successfully completing your task, you are allowed 5 attempts.

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