Meet Slimer on the Ghostbusters Slots

Posted on June 17, 2013

slimerThe Ghostbusters movie introduced us to all kinds of ghostly ghouls including ‘slimer’ and became very popular at the ox office. The Ghostbusters slots are based on the movie and so as well as depicting the heroes from the movie it also depicts some of these ghoulish characters, all as symbols on the reels and also by showing video clips from the movie whilst the slot is in play.

To make the Ghostbusters slots more exciting, as well as a better payer, the producers decided to feature two wilds on the reels instead of the usual one. The symbols representing slimer and a creepy old lady are the wilds.

Just like ghosts, there are four special features that randomly appear from nowhere whilst you are playing the Ghostbusters slots. One of these features is a multiplier and suddenly on any win, you can be awarded on a win, a multiplier of up to 5 times. A second feature is a cash award and can randomly give you up to 1,000 times the amount of your bet. The third of these special features on the Ghostbusters Slots consists of Slimer appearing and turning all the symbols on one to three reels, into wilds. In the last of these randomly appearing special features, the creepy old lady turns between 1 to 4 symbols into extra wilds.

Bonus Rounds
As if the randomly appearing special features weren’t spooky enough, the Ghostbusters slots also have a couple of ghostly bonus rounds.

In the first of the bonus rounds you are expected to rid a ballroom of six ghostly characters. Being spirited characters, these ghouls are not easy to dispose of but you will receive wins for any that you can deal with but given the nature and difficulty of your task, the Ghostbusters slots allow you three attempts to complete it.

The second of these ghoulish bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters slot, involves the giant Marshmallow Man, Stay-Puft. In this round you are awarded eight free spins but between each spin, Stay-Puft and some of his marshmallow friends appear on the reels to change some extra symbols into wilds.

This game all seem a bit spooky but Dan Akroyd is always there on the soundtrack, keeping the mood light with his witty remarks and so the only really thing scary about the Ghostbusters slots; is the amount of wins available.