Play Ghostbusters Slot and become an Exterminator

Posted on December 03, 2013

GhostbustersIn one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine you have to get rid of six ghosts from a haunted ballroom. When you play Ghostbusters slot you will realize that it is based on the 90s movie Ghostbusters and so the symbols on the reels are all manner of ghostly characters, plus the heroes from the movie.

When you play Ghostbusters Slot though, it really is about winning and so there are two potentially high paying bonus rounds available. The first of these bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters Slot has, as explained above, a haunted ballroom. You will receive a win for any of the ghosts that you are able to ‘evict’ but as this is no easy task, when you play Ghostbusters Slot you are allowed five attempts to complete the job.

The second of the bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters Slot consists of 15 free spins but between each spin, some fiery marshmallows appear on the reels and turn some of the symbols into wilds. The fiery marshmallows are friends of Stay-Puft, the giant marshmallow and they are all there to try and make you wins come easier.

Ghostbusters Slot
When you play Ghostbusters Slot apart from the bonus rounds there are also special features that can randomly be awarded at any time, there are four of these in all and are a multiplier, adding a multiplier of between x2 and x5, a cash award, paying between 50 and 1,000 coins, extra wilds, turning between 1 and 3 reels into wilds and finally 1 to 4 wilds can be added to the reels.

As well as winning, when you play Ghostbusters Slot it is also about having fun and Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the original movie, is on the soundtrack passing on some witty comments. The fun factor is also added to by video clips from the movie being shown whilst the game is in play.

To play Ghostbusters Slot is a fun and entertaining experience and with all the potential wins available, you have more than a ghost of a chance to make the experience a profitable one.

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