Play Ghostbusters Slot and find a Ghoul

Posted on May 08, 2013

Ghostbusters slotIn the land of slots there is a ballroom where six ghoulish characters are hiding out. When you play Ghostbusters slots, your job could be to find as many of these ghouls as you can and using your proton pack destroy them.

This is the scenario of one of the bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters slot. You won’t be able to get all of them as you will only have five shots but getting as many as you can will definitely be profitable to you as zapping any one of them can earn you multipliers of between 2 and 5.

Marshmallows may not appear on many slots but when you play Ghostbusters slot, they don’t just appear but they could also help you win big. On a second bonus round on this ghostly slot, Stay-Puft the Marshmallow man is a symbol required on the forth reel along with bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3 to trigger this Stay-Puft bonus. Once you start this bonus round, you will receive eight free spins that have 40 winning lines and although flaming marshmallows start off as the only wilds, after each spin more marshmallows appear to change some other symbols into wilds for the rest of the spins. This means that by the end of the round, you have numerous wilds and an abundance of winnings.

The Ghostbusters slot is obviously themed on the huge Hollywood blockbuster movie of the 80’s, Ghostbusters. The 5 reels of the slot are made up of characters from the movie and video clips from the movie show throughout the game. The theme of the slot is lighthearted, a fact that is brought home when you play Ghostbusters slot by the sound track periodically lightening the suspense with some of Dan Akroyd’s witty one liners.

When you play Ghostbusters slot you are treated to a bombardment on the senses excitement, suspense and humor but although the Ghostbusters slot may have a lighter hearted theme than many other slots, the winnings are still just as serious as any others.