Play Ghostbusters Slot and Zap the Ghouls

Posted on May 20, 2013

slimerIn the hit movie from the 80’s,’Ghostbusters’ the comical heroes armed themselves with so called proton packs with which to zap the equally comical ghosts and ghouls. When you play Ghostbusters slot, you too are armed with a proton pack.
It is in one of the bonus rounds, when you play Ghostbusters Slot, that you get the opportunity to use your proton pack. In this bonus round you find yourself in a haunted ballroom along with 6 ghoulish characters. Zapping any of these ghouls with plasma from your proton pack, will earn you winnings but if you are able to zap all the ghouls then your winnings will be really big. The ghostly ghouls are pretty tricky though and you may well need all your allotted 5 attempts to stand a ghost of a chance at the big win.

Ghoulish Help
When you play Ghostbusters Slot, not all the ghouls are just there to freak you out, at least one of them is there to help you win big. Stay-Puft the giant Marshmallow Man, who appears in the second of the bonus rounds, is there to assist you in getting extra wins from the round.

In this round you are to try and win as much as you can from 8 free spins that are allotted to you. Stay-Puft wants to you to get even more wins during this round, than you usually might. In order to help you succeed in getting the extra wins, Stay-Puft and some friends, flaming marshmallows, haunt the reels during the round and when a spin stops, they hurry and convert more symbols to wilds. With these extra wilds on the reels, not only are your chances of getting wins greatly increased but it also increases your chances of getting one of the bigger wins.

Ghostbusters Slot
Whilst you play Ghostbusters Slot your senses are enveloped by the fun, humor and excitement of the Ghostbusters movie. This is achieved by all the symbols on the reels being in some way related to the movie and also by the continuous playing of clips from the movie, complete with sound track with the witty dialogue.