Play Ghostbusters Slots for a Haunting Experience

Posted on June 24, 2013

ghostbustersAs the Ghostbuster slots are based on the popular 1980’s movie Ghostbusters, there are plenty of ghostly and ghoulish characters around to give you that haunted feeling. As well as the symbols on the reels of the slots being representations of either the heroes or the ghosts from movie, when you play Ghostbusters slots video clips from the movie are played whilst you are enjoying the game and the soundtrack even includes Dan Akroyd, one of the movies stars telling comical snippets.

This comical yet ghostly movie was very popular when it was released in the 80’s and attained somewhat of a cult following soon afterwards. That popularity evoked by the mixture of excitement, fantasy and comedy seems now to be once more resurrected by those that play Ghostbusters Slots.

Bonus Rounds
When you play Ghostbusters Slots there are two exciting but unique bonus rounds that you can reach. The first of these bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters Slots Consists of you being placed in a haunted ballroom. There are six ghoulish characters in all in the ballroom and you are required all of them. Although you will earn winnings for any that you do catch, catching all of them will bring you the biggest rewards. As these ghosts are spirited characters and full of ghoulish moves, when you play Ghostbusters Slots you are given five attempts to completely fulfill this haunted mission.

The second of the bonus rounds is played with the help of Stay-Puft, the giant Marshmallow man and his friends. Stay-Puft featured in the Ghostbusters movie and so quite rightly earned a place when you play Ghostbusters Slots and it’s good that he does, as in the second round you are awarded 8 free spins but it is by Stay-Puft and his friends showing up between spins to make more of the symbols into wilds, that helps you to win big.
Although this slot machine may be full of ghosts and ghouls it’s more comical than scary, just as the movie was and so when you play Ghostbusters Slots there is nothing to scare you away from getting those big wins that are available.