Play Ghostbusters Slots for Random Wins

Posted on November 03, 2013

Ghostbusters 2When you play these slot machines you can receive random features after any spin of the reels. When you play Ghostbusters slots these randomly awarded features include extra wilds, even turning whole reels into wilds, awarding multipliers and these can be as big as x5. Also when you play Ghostbusters Slots the random benefits awarded between spins includes cash wins of between 50 and 1,000 coins.

Bonus Rounds
The above randomly awarded features are separate from the two bonus rounds that are available when you play Ghostbusters Slots. The first of these bonus rounds features a haunted ballroom. You are shown the haunted ballroom and asked to clear it of the six ghosts that are there. You will receive wins for any of the ghosts you manage to banish but as it is considered to be difficult to get all six in one go, you are allowed five attempts to clear the ballroom completely.

The second of the bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters Slots consists of 15 free spins but you get some help to win whilst playing these. Stay-Puft is a friendly giant marshmallow man and for this bonus round he has brought some fiery friends along to help you. When you play Ghostbusters Slots, between each of the free spins in this round, the fiery marshmallows go onto the reels and turn some regular symbols into wilds. This not only makes the wins increasingly easier to attain but can also lead to better wins.

Ghostbusters Slots
When you play Ghostbusters Slots it is obvious that they were inspired by the Ghostbusters movie as most of the unlikely characters from the movie are represented by symbols on the reels. Also clips from the movie are shown whilst you are playing. To further increase an atmosphere of entertaining fun, Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, is present on the sound track to pass on some witty asides about both the movie and the ghosts. Dan Akroyd played one of the ghost hunting heroes in the movie and so of course he and his friends are also present on the reels.

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