Play Ghostbusters Slots with a Proton Gun

Posted on April 02, 2014

moneygamingOne of the bonus rounds on these slot machines is called the Ballroom Busters Bonus and here you are required to be armed with a proton pack in order to rid a ballroom of six ghostly characters that are haunting it. When you play Ghostbusters slots, the task of clearing 6 ghosts from the ballroom is recognized as not being an easy one and so you are allowed 5 attempts even though you will receive a win for each ghost that you clear.

There are two bonus rounds on these slot machines and in the second, you get to meet a helpful character called Stay-Puft. Stay-Puft is a giant marshmallow man and in this, the second of the bonus rounds, he has come along with some of his fiery marshmallow friends, to assist you in getting some wins. Between each of the 8 free spins allotted for this round, Stay-Puft’s friends can be seen on the reels changing regular symbols into wild symbols, potentially bringing you more wins.

Although in one of the bonus rounds, Stay-Puft’s friends add wilds to the reels, even in regular play there are already two wild symbols on the reels, one is slimmer and the second is an old lady ghost. Apart from these two wilds, on regular play there are also four additional special features that can come into play randomly as you progress through the game. The biggest and probably best of these features, awards you a bonus that can be from 50 to 1,000 times the amount that you bet on the spin. Another of the special features involves up to 3 of the reels being slimed. When a reel has been slimed, all of its symbols will transform to wilds for your next spin, vastly increasing the potential for a good win. Another of the special features awards you a multiplier for a win, should you get one and the last of the special features randomly adds extra wild symbols onto any of the reels, once again increasing the potential for you to get a good win.