Random Features when you Play Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on August 20, 2013

stay puft bonus 3This is one slot machine that randomly adds additional features. When you play Ghostbusters slot you can receive random features like; a random multiplier giving a multiplier of between 2 and 5, perhaps a cash bonus where you can win either 50 times your bet or up to an amazing 1000 times your bet, a wild feature that 1 to 3 reels all into extra wilds and another one that adds wilds, this time between 1 and 4 extras.

All these randomly awarded extra features are possible when you play Ghostbusters Slot, plus there are two exciting, lucrative and novel bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
The bonus rounds available when you play this slot are unique and in total keeping with the slots theme, the Ghostbusters movie that was a sensational hit in the 1980’s. In the first of these bonus rounds, you are expected to clear a ballroom of some ghosts that are haunting it. There are in fact six ghosts in all haunting the ballroom and although you will receive a win for any that you do manage to get rid of, it is unlikely that you will be able to get rid of all of them in the allotted time on just one attempt and so when you play Ghostbusters Slot, you are permitted five attempts.

The second of the bonus rounds on Ghostbusters slot is called the Stay-Puft bonus round. Stay-Puft is a giant marshmallow man and on this round which consists of 8 free spins, Stay-Puft will send some of his marshmallow friends onto the reels between spins, to change an ever increasing number of symbols into wilds, greatly improving your chances of winning.

Ghostbusters Slot
When you play Ghostbusters Slot an atmosphere of haunting humor is induced by some remarkable graphics and a sound track that includes Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, reciting witty dialogues. The atmosphere is further enhanced by the symbols on the reels replicating some of the very weird and wonderful characters from the movie and to complete this ghostly setting, video clips from the movie are also shown during the game.

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