Re-Live a Movie Classic on this Slot

Posted on October 04, 2014

GhostbustersThis slot is themed on the incredibly popular movie from the 80s and reminds you why the movie was so popular. The Ghostbusters slot features many of the characters from the movie, both human and ghostly and even Dan Akroyd, one of the actors, is on the sound track to ensure the comedy factor.

The symbols on the reels are of the characters from the movie but some of them you will get to meet even closer in the bonus rounds. Not all the ghosts are harmful and some of them will even help you get wins, like the little lady ghost and Slimer who are wild symbols on the reels. There are 2 bonus rounds on this slot machine and although in one you have to do battle with these ghouls, in the other you get some unusual but welcome help.

In the first of the bonus rounds, the haunted ballroom, you are confronted with a ballroom that is being haunted by 6 unfriendly ghosts and it is you that has been appointed to evict them. Arming yourself with a proton pack in order to be able to blast them with plasma, you enter the ballroom where you will receive a win for each one you successfully evict. This is not an easy task though as these are slippery characters and so in order to try and hopefully evict all the unwanted guests, you will be permitted 5 attempts.

In the second of the bonus rounds you are awarded with 8 free spins but this is the round where you get some unlikely assistance. Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man is there with some of his fiery marshmallow friends and they offer assistance. The assistance comes in the form of the fiery marshmallows entering the reels between each spin and recruiting extra wild symbols. This means that with each of the 8 free spins you have extra wilds on the reels and so your chances of winning keep increasing.

Although there are plenty of ghosts and ghouls on this slot machine, the only thing that is perhaps frightening, is the number of wins you will get.

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