Receive Slimer’s Applause when you Play Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on July 08, 2013

Ghostbusters 4Slimer is just one of the ghoulish, ghostly characters that featured in the movie Ghostbusters. The movie was a huge success in the 1980’s and received somewhat of a cult following due to its humorous side towards the paranormal and associated phenomena and now that same popularity and following is able to be enjoyed in the world of slots. When you play Ghostbusters slot you meet all the popular characters that appeared in the movie and can once again experience their ghostly antics.

When you play Ghostbusters Slot, these ghoulish characters may come out and assist you to win. Slimer may randomly appear during any stage of play and either award you an extra win or just appear to applaud your style of play. Stay-Puft, the giant marshmallow man features in his own bonus round where his marshmallow friends may assist you in getting extra wilds.

When you play Ghostbusters Slot though, there are some ghostly characters that you want to get rid of and this occurs in the Ballroom bonus round. The Ballroom bonus round when you play Ghostbusters Slot consists of you having to cleanse a haunted ballroom of six resident ghosts. These six ghostly characters are slick and agile and you may need all of the five attempts that you are given, in order to completely clear the ballroom but even a partial clearance will see you awarded with something for your efforts.

Ghostbusters Slot
The Ghostbusters Slot is a 5 reel slot machine with an astounding 30 possible winning lines. It is based on the movie Ghostbusters and so has all those ghoulish characters you met in the movie, appear as symbols on the reels and also give appearances in some of the video clips from the movie, that are shown whilst you play Ghostbusters Slot.

All of this is done with magnificent graphics and superb soundtrack, in order to maximize your enjoyment of this modern slot. The result is that when you play Ghostbusters Slot you can enjoy a scary yet comical, thrilling but profitable experience that will make you want to keep returning, just like some of these ghostly characters.