Return to the 80s and Play Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on April 30, 2013

GhostbustersThere were many good movies that premiered in the 1980s but probably none left such a lasting impression as Ghostbusters, with its comical look at the world of the paranormal. One of the classic features of the movie was the humorous one liners of Dan Akroyd, a feature that you can relive when you play Ghostbusters slot. During the playing of the game, you are treated to video clips from the movie, which include many of Dan Akroyd’s contributions.

This hard to forget movie makes an excellent theme for a slot machine. It has humor, suspense, excitement and thrills to hold your attention as you strive for some of the great winnings available.

Ghostbusters Slot
Just as the movie was in the 80’s, this slot has found popularity all of its own. When you play Ghostbusters slot you join not just movie lovers from the 80’s but also a younger group of fans introduced to the comical ghostly characters through the excitement created by this thrilling slot.

The reels are full of the main characters from the movie, including some of the ghoulish fiends which coupled with the video clips seems to arm you with a proton gun and set you among the hunters, as they go about their ghoulishly funny business.

Bonus Rounds
In one of the two bonus rounds when you play Ghostbusters slot, you are actually asked to join them for a ghost hunt in the Ballroom Busters Bonus. In this round you are allowed four attempts to find all five ghosts that are hiding in the Ballroom. Obviously, if you find any you will get paid, but if you can find all five, your own spirits will lift at the amount you could win.

The second bonus round is dominated by Stay-Puft. He along with a flaming marshmallow symbol are wilds for these eight free spins and your chances of winning are enhanced by marshmallows, falling onto the reels and changing what were regular symbols, into wilds for the rest of the round.

With these two exciting bonus rounds available when you play Ghostbusters slot, it must most certainly mean that you have far more than just a ghost of a chance to win big.