Scary Humour on Ghostbusters Slot

Posted on October 04, 2013

Ghostbusters 4Although the name of this slot machine may sound scary, it is more humourous and fun than it is scary but it is still exciting. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the popular movie from the 1980s, Ghostbusters and as you probably know that movie was a comedy not a horror movie.

Building on the Ghostbusters theme, the symbols on the reels of the Ghostbusters Slot are of both human characters and ghostly ones from the movie and that added to the fact that scenes from the movie are shown whilst play is in action, the general atmosphere is similar to one created by the popular movie. The comedy, apart from the funny looking ghosts, comes by way of Dan Akroyd. Dan was one of the stars in the movie and he joins players via the soundtrack on which he passes on some witty remarks.

Ghostbusters Slot
The Ghostbusters Slot is not all about comedy though; it is also an exciting slot machine that apart from having some good potential wins on the regular play; has two exciting and potentially well paying bonus rounds. In the first of these bonus rounds on Ghostbusters Slot, you are introduced to a haunted ballroom. This ballroom contains six ghosts and in order to win big you have to clear the ballroom of all six. This is no easy tasks but two things are in your favor; firstly you will get paid for any of the ghosts you are able to clear from the ballroom, regardless of whether or not you clear them all. Secondly the Ghostbusters Slot allows you five attempts to clear out all six of the ghosts.

The second of the bonus rounds on Ghostbusters Slot features the giant marshmallow man Stay-Puft and some of his fiery friends. In this round you are allotted 8 free spins but between each of these free spins, Stay-Puft’s friends, fiery marshmallows, appear on the reels and change some of the regular symbols into wilds, making wins far easier to obtain.

The Ghostbusters Slot is a perfect mix of humour and excitement to make for ideal enjoyment whilst still, hopefully taking home some scary winnings.

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