Ghostly Wins on this Slot

When you win on this slot machine, it is in a ghostly fashion with ghosts and ghouls either helping or hindering you. The Ghostbusters slot is themed on the movies from the 80s and so the ghosts are more comical than scary and just to remind you that this is a light hearted game, Dan […]

Charge your Proton Pack to play this Slot

When you play this slot machine, you will need to have your proton pack fully charged as when you get to one of the bonus rounds, you will need it. The Ghostbusters slot has 2 bonus rounds, the Stay-Puft round and the haunted Ballroom round and it is in the latter that you will need […]

Re-Live a Movie Classic on this Slot

This slot is themed on the incredibly popular movie from the 80s and reminds you why the movie was so popular. The Ghostbusters slot features many of the characters from the movie, both human and ghostly and even Dan Akroyd, one of the actors, is on the sound track to ensure the comedy factor. The […]

Scare Up a Win for yourself on this Slot

Although this slot machine may be full of ghosts and ghouls, those ghosts and ghouls could earn you some healthy wins. The Ghostbusters slot is themed on the comedy movie and so is not really scary, more humorous than anything and one of the actors from the movie, Dan Akroyd, is actually there on the […]

Listen to Dan Akroyd on this Slot

This slot machine is themed on the Hollywood box office hit of the 1980s and so one of the actors from the movie, Dan Akroyd shares some of his humour on its sound track. The other characters from the movie also appear on Ghostbusters slot but only as symbols on the reels and in the […]

Ghostbusters Slot Feature a Haunting

In this slot machine, a haunted ballroom is featured. Although in the Ghostbusters slot a haunted ballroom is featured, as the machine is based on the movie, it is more funny than scary. The Ghostbusters movie was a big Hollywood hit in the 1990s and from the popularity that the Ghostbusters Slot has enjoyed since […]

Ghostbusters Slot has all Kinds of Ghouls

Although this slot machine features many different ghosts and ghouls, it is more a fun game than a frightening one. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the popular Ghostbusters movies from the 90s and like the movies it is all about fun and comedy as well as excitement and suspense. In compliance with the theme, […]

Ghostbusters Slot a Game with Ghouls

On this slot machine there are certainly enough ghouls and ghosts to keep any ghost watcher happy. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the popular movie Ghostbusters and as such, is as much about funny as it is scary. To ensure that this slot has its share of humor, Dan Akroyd, one of the main […]

Scary Humour on Ghostbusters Slot

Although the name of this slot machine may sound scary, it is more humourous and fun than it is scary but it is still exciting. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the popular movie from the 1980s, Ghostbusters and as you probably know that movie was a comedy not a horror movie. Building on the […]

Ballroom Challenge on Ghostbusters Slot

One of the bonus rounds on this slot features a haunted ballroom and you are presented with the challenge of the clearing of all ghosts and ghouls. The Ghostbusters slot is based on the movie starring Dan Akroyd, where he and his friends become Ghostbusters available for hire to clear any buildings of ghostly characters. […]