Ghosts can Help or Hinder you on these Slots

These slot machines are themed on the funny and popular series of movies from the 80s and so many of the characters from the movie, good and bad, are on the reels as symbols. Although ghosts are usually thought of as being bad, on the Ghostbusters slots they can sometimes be good, like the little […]

The Lady Ghost goes Wild on these Slots

On these slot machines there are 2 wild symbols, the little old lady ghost symbol and Slimer’s symbol, both of which can replace most of the other symbols in order to provide you with more wins. The Ghostbusters slots continue the adventures of the ghost busting heroes from the 80s movie and therefore have many […]

You Will Love Marshmallows on these Slots

In one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, it is marshmallows that help you achieve some meaningful wins. On the Ghostbusters slots there are two bonus rounds and although the slots are full of unusual characters, there are none probably more unusual than the fiery marshmallows that help you in one of the […]

The Little Old Lady will Help on these Slots

A little old lady ghost and Slimer, feature as wild symbols on the reels of these slots. It is not surprising to see ghosts as symbols on the reels of the Ghostbusters slots as they are based on the movie and there are many ghostly characters in that, many of which are again seen on […]

Fiery Marshmallows Help on these Slots

Perhaps surprisingly, it is fiery marshmallows that can assist you in winning more on these slot machines. The Ghostbusters slots have two bonus rounds and it is in one of these that fiery marshmallows, led by their friend Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man, appear and assist you in winning. These slots are themed on the […]

Ghostbusters Slots have Two Wilds

On slot machines wild symbols are symbols that can replace almost any of the other symbols in order to assist a player in achieving wins. Although most slot machines will have one wild on their reels, the Ghostbusters slots have two. This obviously means that on these slots, the wins are probably easier to get than […]

Ghostbusters Slots have Ghoulish Fun

These slot machines offer you the chance to be a Ghostbusters and rid buildings of ghoulish characters in a fun way. One of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters slots requires that, as a Ghostbusters, you clear a haunted ballroom of six ghostly, ghoulish characters. Even though you will be paid for any of the ghosts […]

Ghostbusters Slots have Fiery Marshmallows

On these games of slots a giant Marshmallow man brings some of his fiery marshmallow friends along to help you. In one of the bonus rounds on Ghostbusters slots, Stay-Puft a giant marshmallow man brings some fiery friends along to assist you in getting some wins. This particular bonus round has eight free spins and […]

Get Some Ghostbusters Slots Spooky Wins

If the amount of winnings you can make on these slot machines doesn’t scare you, perhaps the ways you win may, in a funny kind of way. The Ghostbusters slots are themed on the popular movie from the 90s and to help you stay in the mood with which the movie intended, Dan Akroyd, one […]

Enjoy a Laugh and Excitement on Ghostbuster Slots

These are one set of slot machines that can provide a laugh along with excitement to really afford you a fully entertaining experience. The comedy actor Dan Akroyd provides a talk over on the soundtrack of the Ghostbusters slots and as usual is witty and injects humor to the proceedings by uttering one liners that, […]