The Little Old Lady will Help on these Slots

Posted on September 04, 2014

GhostbustersA little old lady ghost and Slimer, feature as wild symbols on the reels of these slots. It is not surprising to see ghosts as symbols on the reels of the Ghostbusters slots as they are based on the movie and there are many ghostly characters in that, many of which are again seen on these slots. The symbols, as well as ghosts, also feature some of the heroes from the movie of which Dan Akroyd, the actor played one. As well as featuring as a symbol, Dan also appears on the sound track ensuring that humour stays to the fore of the theme.

There are two bonus rounds on these slot machines and both of them also contain some ghostly characters. The first of these bonus rounds is a free spin round and not only features 8 free spins but also the character Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man. He has brought some fiery marshmallow friends with him to play interference on the reels during this bonus round but don’t worry, the interference is in your favour. Before each of the free spins in this round are taken, the fiery marshmallows invade the reels to make wilds out of regular symbols and that of course, improves your chances of winning with every spin.

Six ghostly characters are featured on the second bonus round as they are haunting a ballroom which you have been commissioned to clear. In order to clear these ghosts from the ballroom, you will have to arm yourself with a proton pack and zap these ghosts if you are to succeed but as these are ghosts you are going to have a few problems so, you are permitted 5 attempts to fully complete the task. Even if you do not fully complete evicting all of them, you will be awarded wins for each individual ghost that you do hit.

Although these slots are as exciting and potentially as well paying as other slots, they are perhaps a little more amusing and far more entertaining than most other slots are.

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