The Number of Wilds Increase on this Slot

Posted on December 03, 2014

stay puft bonus 3Although for most of the game, this slot has just 2 wild symbols on its reels, during one of the bonus rounds, you could get even more. When you play Ghostbusters slot, the little old lady ghost and Slimer are the only 2 wild symbols but when you reach one of the bonus rounds, they could get company.

These slots are themed on the comedy movie from the 80s and so it is characters from that movie that are used as symbols on the reels and they are also featured in the bonus rounds. Despite the name of the movie, it was more comical than scary and to remind you of that, Dan Akroyd, one of the actors from the movie, can be heard on the sound track uttering some witticisms.

There are 2 bonus rounds available to be triggered on this slot machine and it is in the first, the Stay-Puft round where the wilds may get some company. The round is so called because Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man is always there with some of his fiery marshmallow friends and it is these friends that are responsible for getting some extra wilds on the reels. The round awards 8 free spins but between each of spins, the fiery marshmallows find their way onto the reels and convince some of the regular symbols to become wilds and join slimmer and the little old lady. As the marshmallows are convincing characters, with each spin the number of wilds on the reels increases. With the number of wilds increasing as the spins pass by, your winning potential is also increased.

In the second of the bonus rounds, you are to put on your proton pack in order to zap 6 ghosts that are haunting a ballroom and by zapping them with the plasma from the proton pack, you can make the unwelcome guests move on. Even getting just one of them to move will earn you a win but in order for you to hopefully get them all to move, you are granted 3 attempts.

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