There are some Scary Wins on this Slot

Posted on March 18, 2015

Ghostbusters 2Although this slot is based on the comedy movie from the 80s, the ghostly characters portrayed as symbols on the reels and who may also appear in the bonus rounds, may not be scary, some of the wins that they can rustle up may be. When you play Ghostbusters slot, the symbols on the reels are characters from the movie and the little old lady ghost and Slimer are wild symbols and so between the two of them they can certainly scare you up a win or two.

In one of the bonus rounds, you get to meet stay-Puft, a giant of a marshmallow man and he has brought along some of his friends that are smaller, fiery marshmallows. Once you trigger this bonus round, you will be allotted 8 free spins but as Stay-Puft wants to see you win, he sends his friends onto the reels after each of the 8 spins and they recruit some of the regular symbols to be wilds. This means that with each of the consecutive 8 free spins, the number of wild symbols on the reels continues to increase, as do your chances of winning.

In the second of the bonus rounds, once it is triggered you will be shown a haunted ball room and be asked to evict the 6 ghosts haunting it. In order to successful evict them; you will have to use a spray gun shooting oozy plasma from your proton pack. As you hit one of these ghosts with the plasma it will leave but will return unless you can hit all 6 and so you will be permitted 5 attempts to evict all of them. Whilst endeavouring to do this, you will receive a win each time you zap one of them, allowing your wins to steadily increase.

This slot machine, based on a funny movie, also has its witty moments and many of these are provided by one of the original actors, Dan Akroyd, as he wittingly provides commentary on your progression through the game, via the sound track.

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