There’s a Wild Old Lady Ghost on this Slot

Posted on October 24, 2014

Ghostbusters 4As this slot machine is themed on the very popular movies from the 80s, it features a lot of the ghostly characters from that movie but they aren’t all bad as, slimmer and the little old lady ghost are both wilds. When you play Ghostbusters slot, it isn’t just the ghostly characters that are symbols on the reels, the heroes are also there and Dan Akroyd, one of the actors is even on the sound track adding his own brand of humour to the proceedings.

As in the movie, the characters are more comical than scary and so the only thing that can be frightening on this slot, is the amount you could potentially win. With two wild symbols on the reels, the wins should come frequently but add to that that there are two bonus rounds and the wins should be in abundance.

In the first of the bonus rounds, Stay-Puft the giant marshmallow man brings along some of his friends to assist you in winning. On triggering the bonus round, you will be awarded 8 free spins but between each of these spins, Stay-Puft’s friends, fiery marshmallows, invade the reels to recruit extra wild symbols and so the potential for receiving wins increases with every spin. In the second of the bonus rounds it is you that are recruited. You are recruited to become a Ghostbuster and your first job is to evict 6 ghosts from a haunted ballroom. You need to shoulder your proton pack which will allow you to be able to zap the ghosts with plasma, forcing them to leave the room. The trouble is though, these ghosts and ghouls are slippery, tricky characters and it isn’t as easy as it may seem. You will though, be awarded a win for any of the ghosts that you can successfully evict and as all the ghosts really do need to be evicted, you will be permitted 5 attempts to complete the task.

With two wilds, the help of marshmallows and a full proton pack, you have the potential to earn some big winnings on this slot machine.

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