These Slots Offer a Haunting Experience

Posted on June 16, 2014

slimerThese slots are full of exciting and winning situations but at one particular point on them, you have the task of ridding some ghosts that are haunting a ballroom. When you play Ghostbusters slots, you can’t help but notice that it is themed on the magnificent and popular movie from the 1980s. In compliance with its theme, the symbols on the reels depict the heroes from the movie along with some of the ghoulish characters too. Not only is Dan Akroyd, an actor from the movie, depicted on the reels but he also can be heard on the soundtrack adding his own peculiar sense of humour to the game. Slimer and the little old lady ghost are both on the reels and they are both wild symbols, possibly doubling your chances of winning. Another asset on these slots that can assist you in having a winning experience, are two weird but potentially profitable bonus rounds.

In the first of these bonus rounds, you have been recruited as a Ghostbuster and been assigned to evict six ghosts that are haunting a ballroom. Using your proton pack, you evict as many as you can and receive a win for each one that is successfully evicted. This is not an easy task though, as these are some slippery characters and evicting all six is very trying. The producers of this slot realized that though and so have allowed you five attempts at totally clearing the ballroom.

The second of the bonus rounds is a free spin round but like everything on these slots, nothing is straightforward. In this round you meet Stay-Puft, a giant marshmallow man and he introduces you to some of his fiery marshmallow friends, whim his has brought along to see if they can assist you in winning. The round has 8 free spins but as they start, you will see Stay-Puft’s friends entering the reels. After each of the eight free spins, the fiery marshmallows may appear on the reels, converting some of the regular symbols to wilds, hopefully ensuring that you receive a large number of wins.

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