These Slots provide Ghostly Wins

Posted on May 22, 2015

Ghostbusters 4There are ghosts and ghouls featured as both symbols on the reels of these slots and as players in the bonus rounds but, as they are the ghostly characters from the 80s comedy movie on which the slots are based, they aren’t too scary. In fact, when you play Ghostbusters slots, you may even get to like some of the characters especially Slimer and the old lady ghost as their symbols on the reels are wild symbols and so will help you a lot in leaving the game a winner.

Apart from appearing as symbols on the reels, ghosts may also appear in the bonus round, as perhaps some of the 6 which are haunting a ball room, a ball room that you are requested to clear of ghosts if you trigger the round. Armed with your proton pack, spray gun and plasma, you must zap each of the ghosts in order to force an eviction and if you fail to zap all of them, they will return. Although you will receive a win each time you zap a ghost, the idea is to successfully evict them all and so, you will be permitted a maximum of 5 attempts.

A giant marshmallow man called Stay-Puft features in the second of the bonus rounds. When you trigger this round you will be given 8 free spins and of course for these spins, don’t forget there are slimmer and the little old lady as wilds but, Stay-Puft wants to help and so he has brought some of his fiery marshmallow friends with him and, between each of the 8 free spins, he sends them onto the reels to convert more symbols into wilds to join the two already there. With the 8 free spins starting with 2 wilds and then gaining more with each spin, the potential for you coming away a big winner is great.

Although the ghostly characters portrayed on these slots may not scare you, with a bonus round that has multiplying wilds on the reels, you may be a little scared at how much you could win.