This Slot Features Ghosts and Ghouls

Posted on June 01, 2014

slimerAs this slot machine is themed on the very popular movie from the 80s, the symbols on the reels are of an unseemly bunch of ghoulish characters, plus the heroes from the movie. When you play Ghostbusters slot you will be able to hear Dan Akroyd, one of the stars from the movie, talking on the soundtrack, sharing with you some of the witty one liners that helped to make the movie such a huge success and now keeps a lighter note to this incredibly exciting game.

The ghosts on this machine aren’t all bad though and some even assist you in winning, like Slimer and the little old lady ghost that are both wild symbols and so, by substituting for some of the other symbols, help you win. To also help you in having a winning experience whilst playing this slot, there are two bonus rounds that you can trigger.

The first of these bonus rounds is called the Stay-Puft bonus and it is triggered when you get a spinning bonus symbol on reels 2 and 3, plus a Stay-Puft bonus symbol on the 4th reel. In this round, Stay-Puft a giant marshmallow man has brought some of his fiery marshmallow friends along to help you win. The round itself consists of 8 free spins but between these spins, the fiery marshmallows may invade the reels to turn some extra symbols into wilds.

The second of the bonus rounds is the ballroom bonus and this round features a ballroom that is being haunted by six ghostly characters. As a Ghostbuster, you are hired in this round, to clear the ballroom of all ghosts and ghouls and so, armed only with your proton pack, you must rise to the challenge. You will receive a win for any of the ghosts you manage to evict but the object of the round is to evict them all, no easy task. As it is recognized as a very awkward task and these ghosts are slippery characters, you are permitted five attempts to completely clear out the ballroom of ghosts.

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