Turning Wild when you play Ghostbusters Slots

Posted on June 10, 2013

Ghostbusters 2Reels of Wilds
This is one slot that has a random feature that can turn extra symbols into wilds, even by the reel full, turning between one and three complete reels into wilds. When you play Ghostbusters slots you’ll find this is just one of four random features. One of the other random features can change up to four extra symbols to wild and in another random feature you can be awarded a win of between 50 and 1,000 credits. The last of the random features on the Ghostbusters Slot can award you multipliers.

Bonus Rounds
Just because there are four added winning features on the Ghostbusters Slot do not mean that they are in place of bonus rounds, they are not; the Ghostbusters Slot still has two bonus rounds available. One of these bonus rounds features the comical Stay-Puffed the marshmallow man. In this round of eight free spins, Stay-Puffed is joined by some of his marshmallow friends and between this eight free spins they appear on the reels to make extra wilds, perhaps ensuring that you finish the round with far more credits than you started the round with.

The second of the bonus rounds on the Ghostbusters Slot features six ghoulish characters and a ballroom. You are awarded five attempts to clear the ballroom of the six ghouls; of course if you are not able to completely clear the ballroom, you will still be awarded amounts for each of the ghouls that you did get rid of. Once again hopefully ensuring that you finish the round in a much healthier way, in credits that is, than you did when you started this Ghostbusters Slot bonus round.

Ghostbusters Slot
The Ghostbusters Slot is based on the hit movie Ghostbusters that was somewhat of a popular cult movie in the 80s. In the flavor of the movie, the symbols on the Ghostbusters Slot are all characters, busters or ghosts, from the movie and as you are playing the machine, video clips from the movie are shown and a relevant soundtrack includes some of the one line epic comedy phrases narrated by Dan Akroyd, one of the stars from the movie.