You’ll be Grateful to Marshmallows after playing these Slots

Posted on September 24, 2014

stay puft bonus 3In one of the bonus rounds on these slots you get some assistance from some fiery marshmallows. When you play Ghostbusters slots, as they are based on the movie, you will meet some weird characters and some of them, like the marshmallows, will turn out to be your friends. Most of the characters from the movie appear as symbols on the reels and the first two that turn out to be your friends are Slimer and the little old lady ghost as they are wilds and can replace other symbols when necessary to complete winning combinations.

You meet still more unlikely friends on the free spins bonus round. It is in this round that Stay-Puft brings along some of his fiery marshmallow friends to give you a hand. The round has 8 free spins but before each of these spins start, the fiery marshmallows climb around the reels making ordinary symbols into wilds. With two wilds already on the reels plus these extra ones, you have far more than just a ghost of a chance to win.
In a second bonus round on these slots the ghostly, ghoulish characters are not so friendly. This bonus round is called the haunted ballroom round as it features a ballroom that is being haunted by 6 ghostly characters and it is you that has been

chosen to evict them. In order to evict them you must successfully zap each one with the contents from your proton pack and as this is no easy task when dealing with these slippery ghouls, you will be permitted 5 attempts to get them all. Fortunately, you will receive a win for each one that you do evict and so failure to evict them all is not a total lose.

The movie was not intended as a scary movie but rather as a comedy and so to keep that in mind whilst playing these slots, Dan Akroyd one of the actors from the movie, makes guest appearances on the sound track to inject humour with some very witty comments.

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